As part of IEN’s mission to develop and cultivate the next generation of technologists, our team hosts numerous professional development lectures and short courses. Course and lecture topics include cleanroom fabrication techniques, advanced lithography techniques, market sector applications of nanotechnology research, and seminars on nanotechnology as it relates to other fields of engineering. These events are open to both GA Tech and other institutions’ researchers and educators, as well as to those in industry and the interested public.

Machine Learning Lecture

April 22, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM | Pettit Microelectronics Building 102B | Georgia Institute of Technology

Bringing Deep Learning to Life

Abstract: Many people say that Deep Learning will have a similar impact on humanity as that of electricity. In this talk, we will look at the origins of Deep Learning and the current state of the industry with respect to the design of chips to support this new type of computation. We will finish up with some thoughts on the challenges that have to be overcome in order to make Deep Learning a safe and effective part of our daily lives.

Biography: Ty Garibay is currently VP of Engineering at Mythic, a venture funded startup developing a low-power neural network inference engine based on analog computing. Previously, Ty has led IC development at Altera, TI and ARM. In the good old days, Ty led the architecture design of many microprocessors, including 68K, x86, MIPS, ARM and others. He holds 30+ patents in various fields of IC design and test, and has a BSEE from Southern Methodist University.

Hosted by: Muhannad S. Bakir, Professor; GT ECE []

Spring 2019 NanoFANS (Focusing on Advanced Nanobio Systems) FORUM

May 10th, 2019 | 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM | Marcus Nanotechnology Building 1116 | Georgia Institute of Technology

Spring 2019 NanoFANS (Focusing on Advanced Nanobio Systems) FORUM
Event Focus:  "Nanobiomechanics"



* Dr. Todd Sulcheck (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech) will speak on:  "Reconstruction of interfacial energy landscapes using Brownian fluctuations of atomic force microscopy."

* Dr. Harold Kim (Professor of Physics at Georgia Tech) will speak on: "Nanoscale mechanics of rigid DNA loops.”

Dr. Xianqiao Wang (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Georgia) will speak on: "Computational Interrogation into Nanoparticle-Cell Membrane Interfacial Mechanics." 

* Dr. Yuhang Hu (Professor of Mechanical  Engineering at Georgia Tech) will speak on: "Chemomechanics of Soft Living Materials."

 Please register on or before May 8, 2019 to ensure your lunch reservations (no cost to the participants).

Professional Development Workshop

May 8th - 10th, 2019 | Paper Tricentennial Building Room 114|500 10th Street NW | Atlanta, GA 30332

Transmission Electron Microscopy Workshop

The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) at Georgia Tech will offer a three-day workshop on “transmission Electron Microscopy” between May 8 to May 10, 2019. This workshop includes morning lectures and afternoon laboratory demonstrations. The topics on transmission electron microscopy (TEM) covered by the lectures will include the diffraction theory, diffraction contrast, phase contrast, TEM simulation, EDS and EELS, and sample preparation. We will mention the scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) as well. Lab Demonstration will include the basic TEM operation on diffraction and imaging, chemical analysis, electron holography, electron tomography and 4D TEM.


Target Audience:  
Attendance is open to researchers from academia, industry and government laboratories/organizations as well as to current Georgia Tech students, IEN and MCF users.

Rates: *Rates include lunches on all days*

Georgia Tech Rate: $300
Academic and Government Rate: $400
Industry Rate: $600

Due to the nature of the lab portion of the course, registration has a maximum of 20 participants. Your registration is not guaranteed until full payment is received. If you wish to charge the course to an IEN Cleanroom account, pleasenote that in the approprite field in the registration form. Credit cards are the only payment option for people outside Georgia Tech. Once you submit your registration, follow the appropriate links in your confirmation email. A waiting list of overflow registrants will be maintained in case of cancellations.

** Registration is NOT complete until you have received a link to pay for your attendance through Georgia Tech's secure payment gateway. You will receive this link via email after completing the initial registration process.

Registration and full payment MUST be completed online by May 1, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS. No one will be allowed to register or pay on-site.**