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As part of IEN’s mission to develop and cultivate the next generation of technologists, our team hosts numerous professional development lectures and short courses. Course and lecture topics include cleanroom fabrication techniques, advanced lithography techniques, market sector applications of nanotechnology research, and seminars on nanotechnology as it relates to other fields of engineering. These events are open to both GA Tech and other institutions’ researchers and educators, as well as to those in industry and the interested public.

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Monday, December, 10th, 2018 @ 12:00PM | Marcus Nanotechnology Building, Room 1117-1118 | Georgia Institue of Technology

Small Scale Bio-Inspired MEMS and Robotics -Presented by Professor Sarah Bergbreiter (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University)

Abstract: The ability to manufacture micro-scale sensors and actuators has inspired the robotics community for over 30 years. There have been huge success stories; MEMS inertial sensors have enabled an entire market of low-cost, small UAVs. However, the promise of ant-scale robots has largely failed. Ants can move high speeds on surfaces from picnic tables to front lawns, but the few legged microrobots that have walked have done so at slow speeds (< 1 body length/sec) on smooth silicon wafers. In addition, the vision of large numbers of microfabricated sensors interacting directly with the environment has suffered in part due to the brittle materials used in microfabrication. This talk will present our progress in the design of sensors, mechanisms, and actuators that utilize new microfabrication processes to incorporate materials with widely varying moduli and functionality to achieve more robustness, dynamic range, and complexity in smaller packages. Results include skins of soft tactile or strain sensors with high dynamic range, new models of bio-inspired jumping mechanisms, and magnetically actuated legged microrobots from 1 gram down to 1 milligram that provide insights into simple design and control for high speed locomotion in small-scale mobile robots.


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December 13th-14th, 2018 | Marcus Nanotechnology Building, Room 1117-1118 | Georgia Institue of Technology

Georgia Tech Characterization Short Course Series: Surface Science Techniques – Focus on Photoelectron Spectroscopy and ToF-SIMS


Day 1 – Photoelectron Spectroscopy:
Sessions including the following activities:

  • Lecture on Theoretical background of Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  • Tour of MCF characterization labs
  • Coffee break
  • Introduction to XPS analysis software
  • XPS hands-on operation and data analysis sessions.

Day 2 – Time of Flight SIMS:
Session including the following activities:

  • Tour of IEN microfabrication facility
  • Coffee break
  • Practical concerns for ToF-SIMS and Alternate Surface Science Techniques
  • Remote Demonstration of ToF-SIMS operation
  • ToF-SIMS Data analysis and/or hands-on session.
  • Open question and answer session

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