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Power Delivery for Electronic Systems

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All electronic systems, no matter how large or small, need to be powered. The amount of power required by a system can vary from several hundred watts for a server to a few micro or nano watts. This requirement determines the source of power (battery or energy harvesting), methods used to deliver power (converters, regulators and network) and management of the load (control). Hence, applications classified as high power, low power or ultra-low power will each have its own set of unique requirements for generating, distributing and managing the power delivered. With energy minimization being a key driver for industry, advanced techniques such as near threshold voltage signaling, dynamic voltage frequency scaling, and others are being developed to manage and minimize power consumption, leading to power delivery networks that are becoming increasingly complex.

The Georgia Tech Interconnect and Packaging Center (IPC), lead by Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan, proposes a university/industry research program to address the limitations in the area of power delivery for microsystems. The IPC vision is to create a comprehensive research consortium on this topic working closely with industry on a collaborative basis to define and execute a research program where application specific technologies in the area of power delivery can be explored, developed, and transferred to industry.  Furthermore, given the vast expertise at Georgia Tech, the IPC is uniquely positioned to educate and create a workforce that would be proficient in power delivery methods and technologies for emerging electronic systems.

Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs)

  • Integrated Inductive Buck VRs
  • Switched Capacitor IVRs
  • Linear point-of-load (PoL) IVRs
  • Embedded Passives for Efficient IVR design
  • Application of IVRs in micro-architecture level power
  • management

Power Distribution

  • Embedded inductors
  • Embedded capacitors
  • Alternate methods
  • Isolation
  • Microarchitecture level power management

Wireless Power Transfer

  • High-Efficiency, Power-Scalable, and Frequency-Agile RF Power Amplifiers (PA) for DC-to-RF Conversion
  • Reconfigurable or Self-Optimization Radiation
  • Efficient RF-to-DC Power Conversion
  • Adaptive Techniques for Power Transfer Efficiency
  • Enhancement

Power Delivery Solutions for Self-Powered Internet-of-Things Devices

  • Integrated Energy Sources
  • Integrated Voltage Conversion/Regulation
  • Power Delivery and Conditioning System with On-line Management

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