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MCF solicits submissions for TEM sample preparation, imaging jobs

As a follow-up to its recent announcement of TEM services, the Materials Characteristics Facility is soliciting submissions from the GT research community for TEM sample preparation and imaging jobs.

A recent seed funding award from the Institute of Materials will cover the preparation and imaging of the sample from the project selected. In return, MCF asks it be allowed to use selected images and details of the work for promotional purposes.

Only a limited number of submissions will be selected and it is likely that only one sample from each PI will be imaged – though multiple submissions are allowed.

Projects will be selected on the bases of both scientific merit and the work's potential to demonstrate the broadest possible range of MCF capabilities. This attempt at comprehensiveness might require some experimentation to determine the best procedures for preparation and imaging, but an MCF staff member attached to each project will consult regularly with the research group to ask/answer questions and update the project status.

Please fill out this form and return it with any questions to: Walter Henderson -
Dr. Yong Ding -