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Light-Trapping 3-D Solar Cells Undergo Space Testing

Researchers at GTRI have built a new type a solar cell that will be tested against the harsh environment of space.  The following is an excerpt from the Georgia Tech news article, "Light-Trapping 3-D Solar Cells Undergo Space Testing"

A novel three-dimensional solar cell design developed at Georgia Tech will soon get its first testing in space aboard the International Space Station. An experimental module containing 18 test cells was launched to the ISS on July 18, and will be installed on the exterior of the station to study the cells’ performance and their ability to withstand the rigors of space.

“We want to see both the light-trapping performance of our 3-D solar cells and how they are going to respond to the harshness of space,” said Jud Ready, a principal research engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and an adjunct professor in the Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering.

The full article can be found here.