IEN’s 2 tier sponsorship gives companies the flexibility to set the level of their support, enabling IEN to enhance programs, relationships, and infrastructure for the discovery, communication, and translation of Georgia Tech’s research findings.

Affiliate Sponsorship

Initiate or develop your relationship with the micro-/nanoelectronics community at Georgia Tech.
  • Technical Exchange Conference(s)
  • IEN Seed Research Funding
  • IEN Hosted: Technical Seminars,
  • Workshops, Road-mapping
  • Sponsor Recognition Activities

Thematic Sponsorship

Strengthen your relationship with the micro-/nanoelectronics community at GeorgiaTech, targeting a specific challenge. Thematic Sponsorship enables;
  • Targeted Thematic Research
  • Support for Large, Interdisciplinary Proposal Development
  • IEN Hosted Events Targeting Specific Technical Themes
  • Educational Opportunities for Students and Work- Force Development
  • Support Shared-user Laboratory Capabilities and New Equipment

Strategic Contacts

Exec. Director
Dr. Oliver Brand []

Micro & Nano Enabled Electronic Systems
Dr. Eric M. Vogel []
Dean A. Sutter []
Dr. George White []