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SENIC Education Office's Summer off to a Busy Start

The IEN based & NSF funded Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC) education office attended the Fourth USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC April 15-17.  Our booth co-joined Cornell University, a SENIC sister-site. SENIC provided demonstrations for each of the booths at which the public could interact with, and learn about, nanoscale science and engineering.  The attendance during the three days was estimated to be over 350,000 and SENIC talked with about 5,000 of these visitors. To see images from the event visit:

Dr. Nancy Healy, Director of SENIC Education and Outreach, will be providing a two day workshop for pre-service teachers at Georgia Southern University.  This continues a collaboration that we have had for the past three years with Georgia Southern’s Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education.  The workshop will take place May 9 and 10, 2016.

IEN’s tabletop SEM, the Hitachi TM3000, has been used in multiple outreach events this spring.  Not only was it featured during our Atlanta Science Festival event in March, but it recently spent the day at the Atlanta International School, where it was used to demonstrate the capabilities of scanning electron microscopes.  On May 16 the SEM will travel to Allgood Elementary, Paulding County, where it will be demonstrated to all fifth grade students.  In addition, the Allgood students will use our digital video microscopes and participate in several hands-on activities.

Summer is always a busy time at IEN and the SENIC office.  At the end of May our six SENIC Undergraduate Interns in Nanotechnology (SUIN) participants will arrive on campus for their 10 weeks of summer research.  SUIN students will be placed in a variety of labs and will participate in professional development provided by the College of Engineering’s SURE program.  Details about the SUIN participants will be forthcoming on the SENIC website.  Another program we support each summer is Campus College Tours. This program provides cultural and educational experiences to help students in the college selection process. The program’s students will visit us once in May and twice in June.