IEN 2018 Fall Seed Grant Award Winners Announced

The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech has announced the winners for the 2018 Fall Seed Grant Awards. The primary purpose of the IEN Seed Grant is to give first or second year graduate students in various disciplines working on original and un-funded research in micro- and nano-scale projects the opportunity to access the most advanced academic cleanroom space in the Southeast. In addition to accessing the high-level fabrication, lithography, and characterization tools in the labs, the students will have the opportunity to gain proficiency in cleanroom and tool methodology and to use the consultation services provided by research staff members of the IEN Process Support Team.  In addition, the Seed Grant program gives faculty with novel research topics the ability to develop preliminary data in order to pursue follow-up funding sources.

Over the course of 5 ½ years, this grant program has seeded 50 projects with 54 students working in ten different schools in COE and COS, as well as the Georgia Tech Research Institute and 2 external projects.

The 5 winning projects, from a diverse group of engineering disciplines, were awarded a six-month block of IEN cleanroom and lab access time. In keeping with the interdisciplinary mission of IEN, the projects that will be enabled by the grants include research in biomedicine, photonics, materials, and energy.

The Fall 2018 IEN Seed Grant Award winners are:

3D Bioprinted Endothelialized Vascular Tissues for Investigating Cardiovascular Diseases
PI: Vahid Serpooshan
Student: Alexander Cetnar
GT-Biomedical Engineering

Transforming Silicon into an Effective Nonlinear Optical Medium for Active Nanophotonics
PI: Wenshan Cai
Student: Andrew Kim
GT-Electrical and Computer Engineering

In-vitro Acoustic-Neuron Interaction in Acoustofluidics
PI: Chengzhi Shi
Student: Phoebe Welch
GT-Mechanical Engineering

Quantum Materials Synthesis and Characterization: Single-Crystalline Dirac Semimetals
PI: Zhigang Jiang (co-PIs Martin Mourigal and Phillip First)
Student: Tianhao Zhao

Engineering Polyethylene Oxide-Based Gel Polymer Electrolyte in Flexible Thin-Film Lithium-Sulfur Full Cell Battery
PI: Elsa Reichmanis (co-PI Bernard Kippelen)
Student: Helen Wong
GT-Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, GT-Electrical and Computer Engineering

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