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1. Am I eligible for the program?
There are three basic requirements for eligibility for all applicants: 1. US citizen or Permanent Resident; 2. 18 years of age or older; 3. Not graduating before the end of the program (August 2016).

2. Does my major fit?
We accept most science and engineering majors.

3. Are freshman eligible?
Yes, but mostly sophomores and juniors participate because of their course completions.

4. How many positions will there be?
We expect to support 8 students each summer.

5. What will I do during the summer?
You will focus on doing research in one of Georgia Tech’s research labs working for a research group. All interns have a project director (faculty) and a mentor (grad student or postdoc). You will be trained during the first two weeks on any equipment or procedures required to complete your project.

6. What kind of projects are typical?
You can visit the NNIN REU site to see past Georgia Tech projects described in the REU Accomplishments.

7. What is housing like?
Interns live in Georgia Tech dorms in apartment style housing consisting of four bedrooms with a common living and kitchen area. We provide you with dishes, pans, and utensils.

8. Can I take a class during the program?
We do not allow taking any classes or having any other job than the research internship during the ten weeks. Ten weeks is a short time in the world of research and any distractions will hamper your experience.

9. What will be asked on the application?
We will ask which institution you are enrolled in, what is your present class and GPA, your major and any minors and your expected graduation date. There will be the typical demographic questions including any disability. In addition we will ask for a personal essay—including why you want to do this experience and future goals.

10. Do you only accept students from large research universities?
No we encourage students from two-year and four-year institutions to apply including those from small schools. No prior research experience is required. We also encourage women and minorities to apply.