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What's All the Buzz About Nanotechnology?– Atlanta Science Festival at the IEN 2015

The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology and the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network hosted a family microscopy day at the Marcus Nanotechnology Building in conjunction with the 2015 Atlanta Science Festival. Participants had a chance to explore nanotechnology research, the workings of a cleanroom, and the world-class microscopy facility located in-house. They also had the opportunity to image a sample using the Hitachi TM3000 scanning electron microscope. Here is a gallery collection of our guests images.

Right click the images to view full screen and download.

Blue Morpho butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing 40x magnification

Blue Morpho Butterfly 1000x magnification

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing 1000x magnification

Blue Morpho Butterfly 1200X.png

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing 1200x magnification

dog hair 500X.png

Dog hair 500x magnification

dog hair 600x.png

Dog hair 600x magnification

Guatemalan money (Quetzal) 250x

Guatemalan money (Quetzal) 250x magnification


Guatemalan money (Quetzal) 1500x magnification


Guatemalan money (Quetzal) 3000x magnification


Leaf (unknown type) 3000x magnification


Leaf pollen (unknown type) 1000x magnification


Leaf debris (unknown type) 3000x magnification

shiny side mag leaf(x300).png

Magnolia Leaf (shiny side) 300x magnification

fuzzy  side mag leaf(x200).png

Magnolia Leaf (fuzzy side) 200x magnification

fuzzy side mag leaf(x1.0k).png

Magnolia Leaf (fuzzy side) 1000x magnification


Ribbon Flower 50x magnification


Ribbon Flower 200x magnification


Ribbon Flower 1200x magnification


Ritz Cracker 300x magnification

ritz_2 800.png

Ritz Cracker 800x magnification

ritz 2000.png

Ritz Cracker 2000x magnification


Sewing Thread 250x magnification


Sewing Thread 400x magnification